About that Homepage…

Hi there! Leani here.

In case you were wondering what the hell my front page/tagline was all about, it’s because I was hacked not just once…

But twice. This was my website the day after I managed to get it fixed and not redirecting to that weird pagebin page:

Yes, I watch Haikyuu.

Every clickable link and image was basically being redirected to a blank white page that said ‘Hacked by MrHax’ in hideous Times New Roman, size 12. So yes, I took precautions and in addition to WordFence, installed a two-step verification plugin after erasing all my files and starting from scratch. Also installed a watermark plugin that also disables right-clicking my images to save them, just in case.

But yeah. Both incidents were random, but also very stressful. Like… what the hell. It was just my Instagram feed, and suddenly the Turkish Anonymous (or so they claim, at least) had hacked into my website. Now I’m taking online security a bit more seriously, I guess.

You should, too.

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